Company name: Dong A Textile Garment Joint Stock Company

Abbreviation: DAGATEX

Capital: 56.575.000.000 đồng


Business registration No.: 4103007373 ngày 23/07/2007 issued by Planning and Investment Department of Ho Chi Minh City.


History and Development:

Dong A textile garment joint stock company, formerly known as Chinese private-owned Dong A textiles company, established in 1960, specializing in the production of textiles, dyeing, printing.
- 1975-1985, the State took over and renamed it as Dong A textile factory, under the Ministry of Light Industry (now the Ministry of Industry and Trade), specializes in producing fabrics according to the superior’s orders.
- Since 1986, the government removed the subsidy mechanism, the factory was allocated capital and an independent accounting, responsible for management and efficient use of capital by the State Council.

- On 04.29.1993, the Ministry of Light Industry (now the Ministry of Industry and Trade) delivered the decisions of 413 / CNN-TCLĐ, officially renamed Dong A textile factory into Dong A Textile Company.

- On 21/03/2001, the Board of Vietnam Textiles Corporation (now the Viet Nam National Textile And Garment Group) delivered the decisions No. 287 / QD-Board Textile Company renamed Dong A into Textile Garment Company.

- On 13/12/2006, the Ministry of Industry (now the Ministry of Industry and Trade) approved the plans and turned Dong A textile garment company into Dong A textiles garment joint stock company under Decision No. 35 588 / QD-BCN.

 Production: fabrics, clothing of all kinds. Manufacturing spare part supplies for textile industry.

 Trading in real estate, commercial services and rental of office and factory.
 General business: products, supplies, spare parts, chemicals, dyes and raw textile materials, dyeing, sewing.
 Sales of building materials and handicraft goods.
 Services: installation and repair of machinery.
 Construction of industrial and civil, infrastructure, furnishing.
 Sales of other sectors in conformity with the law.

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